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Thymosin Alpha-1

Buy Thymosin Alpha-1 Peptide Germany

Thymosin alpha-1 (Tα1) is a 28-amino acid peptide first isolated from calf thymuses. The peptide primarily functions as an immune system modulator, augmenting T-cell response, stimulating cytokine production, and enhancing the functional activities of natural killer cells. Consequently, Thymosin alpha-1 has found use in treating diseases associated with immune dysregulation.

In oncology, Thymosin alpha-1 has exhibited potential as an adjunctive therapy, bolstering the body’s immune response against tumor cells and thereby improving the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments.

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Potential Benefits of Thymosin Alpha-1 Peptide

  • Treatment for Sepsis: Research suggests Thymosin Alpha-1 (Tα1) has shown potential benefits in the treatment of sepsis. Specifically, it has been suggested that certain patient groups may be more likely to benefit from Tα1 immunotherapy [1], [2] and [3].
  • Immune Modulation: According to research, Tα1 is noted for its immune-modulating properties. It has been found to have higher clinical benefit rates when used in conjunction with other treatments [4].
  • Dental Applications: In studies, Tα1 has demonstrated both short-term and long-term benefits in the reimplantation of avulsed teeth [5].
  • Broad Clinical Benefits: Since its first use in a clinical trial in 1985, a substantial amount of data has been produced supporting the potential clinical benefits of Tα1 [6].
  • Cancer Therapy: Tα1 has been reappraised for its use in cancer therapy, with studies suggesting a higher clinical benefit rate and a trend towards its use in conjunction with other treatments [7].
  • Treatment for Various Diseases: Research suggests the number of diseases that could potentially benefit from Tα1 treatment is growing, as it is a naturally occurring polypeptide [8].
  • Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis B: Studies indicate the combined use of Tα1 and entecavir has shown benefits in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B [9].
  • HIV-1 Treatment: Despite the consistent benefits for HIV-1 infected patients, more studies are needed concerning the use of Tα1 in HIV-1 infection [10].


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